Director’s Note

Hi! Marinna here, and thank you for visiting the Digital Dance Project.

Digital Dance Project was created by three dancers who became friends while working together in Virginia in 2016. We have since traveled to different parts of the country to continue our careers, but our love for ballet and making cool stuff spans the coasts and timezones. Our goal for this project is to address some of the pain points that performing artists are experiencing during COVID-19. We are all going through the same crisis. Dancers around the world have collectively been thrust out of work, out of the studio, and out of community. The dance community faces an uncertain future, as many struggle to keep up with classes and move the creative juices. It’s natural right now to vacillate between optimism and existential dread on any given day, especially without something on which to focus our attention.

This situation is a lot to deal with, but we can find a silver lining here.

This period is breaking down our conceptions of what it means to be a professional dancer and what it means to perform. As I have been doing my own work to process this situation as a dancer and a human, I started to see an opportunity to create something new. I believe that the dance space is ripe for innovation and has been for a long time. As a community, we have the chance to bring about a new artistic renaissance at a time when society is in desperate need. We have an opportunity to bring the arts into people’s homes and make it accessible while providing artists with continuing opportunities to collaborate and perform in groundbreaking new ways.

Over the next several months at Digital Dance Project, you will see new movement studies, blogs, short format pieces, works in progress, choreographer interviews, and full-length weekend performances. These works will all be presented online, as original works, and will be affordable and accessible to our audiences. We believe in paying artists first. With that in mind, we have kept our costs at a minimum. All donations and virtual ticket sales can go directly back to our artists, except for some contributions we will be making to humanitarian causes helping others who have also been affected by COVID-19.

We hope that you will join us on this journey to move theater forward. Keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo!

Be well,
Marinna Kus

2 thoughts on “Director’s Note

  1. I wish you all the best with this wonderful project. Art is always a reflection of the times and you are on a new path into the future. Man cannot live without the creative forces that provide beauty, escape, movement, music, design and stimulus to the brain.


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