About Us

Our Mission

Digital Dance Project provides a virtual theater for artists and audience members, enabling access to quality, original dance works through a sustainable digital medium.

At DDP, we believe that artists come first. Leveraging technology to reduce our costs allows us to pay our artists first. By connecting artists from across the U.S., we provide an innovative, community-building setting in which to explore their artistic vision.

Why Digital Dance Project?

We want to explore dance’s adaptation to 21st-century challenges and technology.
Stay-at-home orders in March 2020 showed us not only the power of technology to connect us with others, but the potential creativity born of these limitations. We challenge our choreographers to explore these limitations as they create brave new works for the modern world.

We want to put dancers and choreographers first.
Dancers and choreographers are at the heart of DDP’s mission. Reducing our overhead costs allows us to pay our dancers and choreographers first. 

We want to give back.
DDP recognizes that this is a challenging time for all of us, not just those within the arts. For this reason, $1 from every digital ticket sold will go to organizations working to make the world a safer, healthier place. Visit our Upcoming Dance Screening page to see what humanitarian organization we are supporting next.

How This Works

Dancers and choreographers submit applications to be involved in upcoming screenings. Unlike traditional dance companies, we accept applications throughout the season. All artists should be 18+ with a minimum of 2 years professional dance experience.

Once accepted, dancers are added to our roster of affiliated artists. As we prep for our next screening, we let choreographers know dancer availability and facilitate introductions.

All meetings and rehearsals are conducted online, allowing artists from across the U.S. to collaborate. At the end of the rehearsal period, dancers film themselves based on the choreographer’s parameters. Choreographers take those videos and edit them together.

Three times a year, we host a weekend of dance media screenings that audiences can enjoy from the comfort of their homes!

To learn more about creating with DDP, please visit our pages for interested dancers and interested choreographers. For information on our next show, visit our Upcoming Dance Screenings page. To become a season subscriber, visit our Patreon!