Director’s Note: Dreamer

Last weekend, Digital Dance Project held our first screening in partnership with eMotion Arts. Dreamer was a unique, multimedia program designed to promote allyship and amplify artists from the black and brown communities while raising money for anti-racism initiatives. We are thrilled to announce that we were able to raise nearly $500 to benefit Campaign … Continue reading Director’s Note: Dreamer

Director’s Note: Resilience and Evolution in Dance

“Artists are not ok right now.”  “Broadway is closed until 2021.” “Cirque is filing for bankruptcy.”  “Feld laid off 90% of its workforce permanently.”  “Cruise ship performers are out of work.”  “Theme park performers have no idea when they will be recalled….” Above are variations on posts I’ve seen circulating on social media this week. … Continue reading Director’s Note: Resilience and Evolution in Dance

Director’s Note

Hi! Marinna here, and thank you for visiting the Digital Dance Project. Digital Dance Project was created by three dancers who became friends while working together in Virginia in 2016. We have since traveled to different parts of the country to continue our careers, but our love for ballet and making cool stuff spans the … Continue reading Director’s Note