Guidelines for Short Format Works

  • Choreographers will have to fill out a New Piece Submission form before receiving approval to begin. 
  • Footage must be between 1 and 3 minutes and can contain up to, but not more than, five dancers.
  • Short format works are unpaid for now, but dancers who participate in short pieces and are DDP-affiliated artists will still receive a share of donations once DDP has reached a certain threshold.
  • Short format works may be considered for future screenings.
  • Choreographers of smaller works MUST have rights to the music, or have permission from the artist. See our music use policy here.
  • Short format works will be released on the second Wednesday of every month unless that falls on a national or government holiday. 
  • Smaller works will be released on Facebook and Instagram only. 
  • Small works must be appropriate for ALL ages as it will be open to the public.