Music Use Policy and Resource Guide

Music and dance go hand in hand, but the reality is that we have a legal and ethical obligation to acknowledge the musical artists who provide the pulse to our work. With that in mind, we have a strict policy of adhering to copyright laws for music use. At this time we are not able to cover licensing fees. We realize that licensing can be an expensive and confusing process, so we’ve provided some options and resources for you to consider when choosing music.

Although some music compositions are in the public domain, most recordings fall under a master copyright by the studio that recorded the music. A suggested workaround is to work out an agreement with a musician who can perform and record the piece without the copyright. We have included this option below.

Choreographer Options:

  • Select from licensed music that we provide through Audiio.
  • Collaborate with musicians in your network to create newly commissioned works or a new recording of a composition already in the public domain.
  • Utilize royalty-free music services.
  • Handle your own licensing and fees.

We provide resources for finding royalty-free music as well as a music release form for musician collaborations in the handbook we provide to accepted choreographers.