Past Events

Tangible Motion

March 2021

Film brings an immediacy to dance like no other format. Camera work and editing draw us into the screen, creating movement so clear that we want to reach out and trace the patterns it leaves in the air. In Tangible Motion, Digital Dance Project explores this kinesthetic quality through the eyes of our choreographers.

Snowed In

December 2020

Reminisce over holidays past and get Snowed In. This virtual performance features festive new works by musicians from across the nation, including a Nutcracker Suite reimagined for jazz music by Brooklyn-based composer Nathan Smith.


September 2020

In an interconnected digital society, where does one community end and the next begin? What threads connect us, person to person?


July 2020

Dreamer was a unique benefit program designed to promote allyship and amplify artists from the black and brown communities. All funds for this screening were donated to Campaign Zero.